About Us


About Us

Hey, my wife and I would like to offer you the chance to hire our beautiful newly converted Campers.  They are amazing.  (the campers and the wife).

It has everything newly fitted, all in black white and grey. 


The idea to even everything out so you can easily camp wild or hook up.  The leisure battery runs the fridge, 12v socket which has an inverter for 2 normal plug sockets, lights and water pump.  There are also 2 normal 240v plug sockets for hook up too.


We had solar panels fitted so the battery can be charged if you're camping wild.  The Solar charger also has 2 USB slots for your phones etc.  (Solar in 2 wheeled camper only)

The gas bottle only has to run the stove. 


It has the amazing diesel heaters fitted for full heating!